The leading software solution for helpdesk & ticketing systems. Pure Workflow. No Limits. The flexible, ITIL®-certified helpdesk software for IT processes—optimize your processes, lower your costs.


Optimize the workflows of your IT environment and save time and money when processing your IT tickets (incidents & service requests). By automatically categorizing and assigning tickets to the right employees as well as linking related tickets (parent & child incidents), you can revolutionize service management and support processes.

When it comes to IT service management, put an end to cumbersome, and unprofitable interim solutions. We offer helpdesk software with contractually guaranteed release compatibility. This means that your configuration settings and databases are guaranteed to remain intact during OMNITRACKER platform release updates.

OMNITRACKER IT Service Management Center is a sensible investment decision. You can rely on us as your long-term software partner. This is why you should rely on OMNITRACKER ITSM for a helpdesk solution:

  • Automates and digitalizes business processes – so you have more time for further development of products or services you offer.
  • Satisfied customers & productive employees by maximizing ticket service quality and response speed.
  • Relief for your IT department: Round the clock, employees and customers can issue tickets through a self-service portal at a central location. Create your own solutions or instructions for recurring tickets in Knowledge Management. This enables customers and employees to help themselves in the event of frequent disruptions.
  • Better quality control & more transparency in internal and external communication through KPI dashboards and numerous reporting options. Your company data is always available in real-time.
  • Functions of the ticketing system can be configured individually and unlimitedly at any time. Therefore, you always stay up to date, even if your requirements change.
  • Return on investment (ROI) usually achieved after only a few months, as the effort for maintenance and updates is low. In addition, data integration and data import into the helpdesk are uncomplicated and fast.

Issue-tracking system

The out-of-the-box variant is the best of our experience in customer projects. With our ITSM tool, you have more than just a highly flexible ticketing system. Determine the structure of your IT support now and in the future.

Whether you are a global player with a highly individual software solution or rather a business with a clear IT department—the size or industry of your company doesn’t matter.

With the Business Process Ecosystem OMNITRACKER, you choose a ticket software solution that grows dynamically with you. This way, your helpdesk is always up-to-date and you can offer your customers and employees excellent service on a permanent basis.

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